She’s Got A Gun For A Tongue…Ramble

You know when you love an artist and discovering their music is like instant Christmas? 

That’s how I felt five years ago when Interscope first sent me ‘Flutterby’ by Butterfly Boucher. A wandering childhood lead her to be a great writer because music is mobile and everything her family owned had to fit into their old rambling car. 


One of my videos by new artists, capturing the struggle for how to overcome shyness with performing is Butterfly’s “I Can’t Make Me Love You.”



There has been the inevitable digitizing of my vast cd collection, some were digitized and thrown out. But ‘Flutterby’ could never been one of those albums. It’s one of the ones I always make sure is on any new music player or library that I create. 


Now I’m happy to say, this week Butterfly’s second album ‘Scary Fragile’ has been released and it is non-stop on repeat. Instant favorite “Gun On The Tongue.”  Her lovely awkwardness is still there rocking out and feeling just in time for summer. Thank you Butterfly, don’t fly away from us for so long next time! 


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