Peru 2 : Lessons Learned …Ramble

Whenever taking a trip to another country, with another language and culture, I like to pick up a few things from the locals. In Roma, I learned that one should never trust Faux Gladiators in fishnet stockings and how to run away from them laughing and pointing (opps sorry Melva to abandon you!)

Here are a few of the cosas de Peru:

1) If you are going on a job interview and the question “Is there anything else you want to tell me”  comes up, you should respond “I rock and I’m HOT!” (Gracias Luisa!)


2) No engaging in acts that would bring down the moral reputation of the hotel Rimpampaco in Cuzco, their themesong should be Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up!”


3) Pisco sour gets me beyond giddy, except if it’s a crappy brand no matter little is consumed= ill!

4) Private beach clubs give 3 months free membership to foreigners endorsed by club members! But don’t bring your offspring wrapped in anything but cotton or they will give you and your friends crap about it the whole time you are there!


5) Plastic surgery- good boob jobs can be had for a mere $900 dollars! Don’t bother looking, I wasn’t there long enough for that!

6) Inca natives are only a few inches taller than their llamas.


7) Every meal is a Peruvian tradition.


8 ) Peruvians have been culturally unconcerned with being on time since the 1500’s! (Men if you are dating a South American woman don’t expect her to ever be ready on time. I still remember certain people inviting people over for lunch, and serving food at dinner time…!)

9) Nannies (aka nineras) learn English by listening to ‘Sailing Away’ from Christopher Cross (and of course ‘America’s Next Top Model!’) Look how pop culture helps change lives!


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