SXSW Friday…Ramble

Friday of SXSW the sun was hot, we found ourselves waking up to a little bit of redness on the face. Fortunately there was a gentle zephr  that helped ease the heat of the day.

A surprise mocha from the Goddess @blinblin100 alleviated ome of shock of having to move again so we could get to the legendary Ironworks for lunch. Meow that was a damn fine way to get any lingering alcohol out of the body and ready to take in some more. Satiated with pork, we made our way to the Envy/UMG party just off of 9th Street. It was down the block in the courtyard of a condo complex making it not the easiest venue to get walk-by attention. As we wandered under the building it poured out into a pool area. 

While there were under 15 people listening to the band, Parachutes, their music still 

We're your private singers, singers for shoes we'll do what you want us to do

We're your private singers, singers for shoes we'll do what you want us to do

instantly caught my attention the moment they launched into their acoustic set. I liked their catchy pop-rock melodies and lyrics. Sometimes you get chances to hear bands in small settings or studios where there’s only a few other people around and this felt like a private performance. I loved it! 


After that I left to join @ikemusic and a few others at Filter’s Cedar Street outdoor space aka an alley that’s used for outdoor seating the rest of the year. Last time I went to SXSW, Snow Patrol played there as a ‘secret show’ but the venue is open to all ears. The space opens into two bars underneath that provide much need breaks from the heat and of course, alcohol.

Armed with a Jack & gingerale, I was delighted to find The Whip playing. Another chance for bro-mance was in full swing as The Whip got heads bopping and sweaty hipsters moving their…hips.  A dirty rocker man named Johnny told me he’d accidentally touched my butt 

I like your butt and I cannot lie

I like your butt and I cannot lieb


but I didn’t even notice because it was packed out and good times were being had as friends reunited, made new introductions and everyone embraced The Whip. Unfortunately, though I really wanted to see Late of the Pier the line-up was already running behind by 3pm.


The magic of Twitter had allowed me to reach out to the Internet guru, @iancr to inform him of the lovefest we had in his name, so it was off to Ian’s Topspin “it fucking works” party. The ladies (Big Nuts, Meat in the Sandwich, Mocha, @blinblin100 and myself) met up to worship Ian in person. We were worn out but there to support, more importantly I loved saying ‘I want my 2 dollars,’ which Ian quickly peeled off one from a pack for me. He had tweeted to come find him and ask for one during SXSW. 

Then it was time to hit one of my favorite parties of Southby, The Spin party at Stubb’s for none other than Echo and The Bunnymen.

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses full of nicotine

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses full of nicotine



Now, I know you are thinking, what? That’s not a new band, shouldn’t you be only seeing bands you haven’t seen before? I never got to see them live before and was glad to have the opportunity. It amused me to see the band smoking between verses and solos. They give people in their late 30’s and 40’s an excuse to use their knees. 

It’s truly rad when groups you loved as a teenager, come back hit you with new music and you still feel connected to their lyrical magic.  Which new bands will have a career with that kind of cultural impact? Is the market too saturated for that to be possible? 

Favorite thing overheard on the way to Fader Fort: Tom, Tom! I just saw a bird shit on your head man.

After that it was time to go under the highway, round the bend and find the Fader Fort. The line for wristbands was forty minutes so Blin had to head back for a dinner. I braved it out because the one band I had planned to see was going on – Tainted Window.

Taylor Hanson is all grown up!

Taylor Hanson is all grown up!



If you haven’t heard of them, members include James Iha formerly of Smashing Pumpkins and Taylor Hanson–yes that Tay of Hanson,Bun E.Carlos of Cheap Trick , and Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne. The band sounded like Hanson, who I personally really love. My one piece of advice to Mr. Hanson, please shave off that pencil mustache. It looks like you have a smudge on your lip. I did dig the red pants though! 

They stuck to their set time and looked like a real band despite it being their first time playing in public. So big kudos to you, I am a definite fan of the windows, tinted or otherwise.

On the way out of the Fader Fort my legs were starting to buckle so I was walking mighty slow. That’s when the fellas behind me started discussing the downfall, due to lack of proper synergy for Sony. Sadly they were deadly accurate. Ah Sony your integration across units needs to let go of the red tape. Get a class in synergy from Disney!

After a delightful long dinner break, it was off to Metallica back at Stubb’s.  I can truly appreciate the tightness of their musicianship just like Tool. For me, this was the first time seeing them live. It seemed as if every man I’ve ever met in the music industry was pumping their fists in deep appreciation.  Lars was very funny even joking in an accent they were just a new band from Norway trying to get signed.  It was apex of bromance watching dudes give each pushes and looks like,’ you’d better rock to this or I’ll kill you.’

Stopping in the street where I spotted a wonderful friend, who I met at SXSW three years ago, I was able to pass the tiara to her that yes, I wore to Metallica.


I think I was born to wear a tiara= keep the tiara!

I think I was born to wear a tiara= keep the tiara!

 Doesn’t she look pretty? Most definitely. It was great because the friend she was with knew the newfound Apple friend I was with (he gave me the straight story on Tori) and another magical SXSW moment was had. 

Unfortunately our next stop at ACES did not yield the earlier anticipated Late Of The Pier performance. Apparently there was a scuffle between the singer and security earlier in the day which probably explains why they didn’t make it to their 1AM timeslot. Unfortunately no one told us so we waited in the venue for about 45 minutes. It was mind boggling to watch the locals come in and see the scene become extremely odd. The bars stop serving alcohol at 2AM so a mad frenzy to guarantee stupid drunken behavior left us scratching our heads and calling it a night. What a beautiful night it was as well. 

The next day everyone was mellow and I ended my SXSW experience with Obits…from none other than Brooklyn! During their third song the singer wound up screaming at the drummer cursing him out and I knew it was okay that I wasn’t staying any longer. 

Tell me who you most wish you had seen or who you did see at SXSW…

Until next time …xxGrrlGenius

Which new band do you want to succeed?
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