Single Ladies…Ramble Updated

Hey Single Ladies! 

The sass of Beyonce has your booty shaking yet you may not be one of the 100 in the video above. Now it’s time to get out there but you don’t know how? Flirting is a muscle, you have to practice it constantly and invite male energy into your realm.

I suggest reading Robert Greene’s “Art of Seduction” to get your mindset on the skill set of how to seduce and be seduced. I think it helps you to focus on the big picture as opposed to saying, with each decade of singledom everyone gets x amount of dates. Be in charge and go outside your realm of comfort especially if it hasn’t worked so far and you want a partner!

Why not try speed dating? You’ll sharpen your verbal banter by the end of those 12-20 five minute dates and get more focused on what’s important to you.

There are several free dating websites like OkCupid and to get you rolling on the net cause eHarmony is way too much work. Don’t go back and forth more than 3 times with a potential interest- make a date. You will know within five minutes in person if you are interested so stop making excuses, building it up into some big thing. After all it’s a numbers game! 

Quick tips:

1) Get in the mindset via books, movies, flirting online

2) Hit a makeup counter for a fresh look, a lady can never have too much make-up, perhaps looks into for their ‘orgasm’ products

3) Be proactive! If you go out in a major city like LA or NY there are more women then men. Work those odds, strike up a conversation but don’t be desperate. 

4) Eliminate excuses and that laundry list of qualities you are making up in your head as your own personal screeners ‘he has to be 6 feet exactly.’ Really? What makes you so perfect? Good on paper could be terrible in person. 

5) If you don’t have a ‘wing woman’ why not try online dating or speed dating? You’ll know in an instant. 

Meow!  I hope to see you out and about ! 

Love, Grrlgenius in BK


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